Ugoku Tokai - Moving City

©2020 Filmuniversität Babelsberg, 94min

· International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) 2020 (Student Competition).
· Nancy Film Festival 2021.
· Tama New Wave (Un Certain Regard) 2021, Tokyo.
· BKK DOC 2021, Bangkok.
· Traces de vies 2021, Clermont-Ferrand, Special Mention.
· International Sound & Film Music Festival (ISFMF) 2021, Horizon Competition for Best Film Music.
· All Asian International Film Festival (AAIFF) 2021, Manila, Best Asian Dramatic Feature Film.
· DOC.BERLIN 2021, Best German Documentary Film.
· FIDBA, International Documentary Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentinia.
· The Fine Arts Film Festival 2022, Venice California, Best Experimental Feature.
· Experimental Forum 2022, Los Angeles.
· Biophilia International Film Festival 2022, Mexico.
· End of the Road Film Festival 2023, USA.
· FICIMAD 2023, Madrid, Best Film Editing.

Building Common Ground

©2021 Lars Ostmann, 90min

· Global Peace Film Festival, 2021.
· Helsinki Education Film Festival, 2021, Best International Culture Film.
· Better World Film Festival, 2021, Winner of the Young Sunrise Trophy
· International Migration & Enviromental Film Festival (IMEFF), 2021, Honorable Mention.
· Sustainable Living Film Festival (Sürdürülebilir Yasam Film Festivali), 2021.

Die Insel

The Island

©2018 Filmuniversität Babelsberg, 57min

· Sevilla 2019 (A Young Continent).
· Doker 2019 (Competition).
· Kadoma 2019, Best Foreign Documentary Film.
· BIFED (Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary) 2019.
· FIPADOC Biarritz 2020.


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